Everyone can Grow!

Prairie Master Gardeners are people from all walks of life who have one great commonality – a love of gardening. The Master Gardener Program began as an effort for Extension Agrologists to share their knowledge with a network of trained volunteers with a love for gardening. Since 1972, Master Gardeners have been helping to change the gardening world across North America. Please note that the Master Gardener certification is not a professional credential and cannot be used for monetary gain. However, many Master Gardeners work in the horticultural world. Master Gardeners are trained volunteers that share their knowledge and skills with their local community.

Our group is made up entirely of volunteers committed to offering educational, enjoyable and affordable gardening programs to the general public and to those registered in the Prairie Master Gardener (PMG) program. We range in experience from people who have never planted a seed to people who have forgotten more about gardening than most of us will ever know.

Though our home base is in Saskatoon, Prairie Master Gardeners live and garden in many parts of the province and beyond.

Anyone can join the Prairie Master Gardeners.  If you want certification as a master gardener; you must meet certain requirements which include required classes and volunteer work.  There is no deadline of any sort.  You progress at your own pace.  Classes are open to anyone who is interested in gardening or in a particular aspect of gardening.

How to become a Prairie Master Gardener

You can gain certification as a Master Gardener if you wish. Our program is designed to suit your personal needs.  You may join the program at any time and take the classes in any order you wish.  Classes are informative and enjoyable and will keep you current with all aspects of the gardening world.

To certify you need to:
– Register for the program
– complete six core classes and two elective classes
– submit a volunteer log of at least 40 hours
– complete a certification project

There is a one-time $125.00 registration fee. Cost of classes is $45.00 per class for members – $55.00 for non-members plus a materials fee if required. Learn how to become a Prairie Master Gardener and have fun while growing your best plants!

The Six Core Classes – All six of these must be completed as part of your Master Gardener certification.
Soils – Good gardening begins with the soil. Learn to know the soil in which you garden, the components of healthy soil, how to garden in a way which strengthens rather than destroys the soil.
Vegetables – Learn the basics of growing your own vegetables.  Learn which vegetables do well in our climate and meet the new varieties and cultivars.
Fruits – We grow a wide variety of fruits in Saskatchewan.  Learn about new varieties and what it takes to be a successful fruit grower.
Woody Ornamentals – Trees and shrubs add to the beauty of our landscape.  Meet the trees and shrubs which thrive in our climate and learn about what you can do to ensure healthy and long-lived plants.
Plants – This class is about how plants grow. Learn about how plants are structured and how they reproduce.  Understand why minerals, air and light work together for healthy plant growth, as well as the role the environment plays.
Solving Plant Problems – This is an introduction regarding how to discover what is destroying your plants and what to do about it.  Learn about common plant diseases and garden pests.

Elective Classes – Any two elective classes must be completed as part of your Master Gardener certification.
Horticulture Therapy, Share Your Knowledge, Floral Design, Composting, Propagation… and more!

Advanced Classes & Workshops
Pruning, Landscape Design, Garden Planning, Alternative Growing Methods… and more!

*** All classes are open to everyone, whether you are aiming for certification or not. ***

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