Any education and training should lead to a job. If you are looking for a new pursuit then look no further. All horticulture programs are offered online so you can study at your pace wherever you are.

There is not enough educated and skilled people to fill the needs in the horticultural employment market and consistently employers need to hire non-qualified personnel. There is a need for educated and experienced people in all parts of the horticultural industry so having completed courses and training of courses will keep you ahead of most of the people seeking upper level horticultural related jobs.

There is an overwhelming need for skilled and educated people to work in the ever-evolving horticultural industry. This industry is so large and varied that you could work in a variety of fields to keep your interest keen and enough variety in your work to never feel stagnant. The industry includes landscaping; production (both field and controlled environment); the golf-course industry; parks and estate management; the floral industry; horticultural therapy; and there are also many entrepreneurial opportunities.

Orchid Horticulture courses provide the opportunity to develop the skillset and knowledge base to work in upper management in the field of horticulture or to start your own business. Also, making the investment in yourself to improve your knowledge and skills will help you to get the job you want and the remuneration you deserve!

If you are only interested in a specific part of the horticulture industry, then you can also target those courses that will give you the skills and experience to focus on one of the many options that are possible within this vast industry including: floristry, controlled environment production, landscaping, field production, agronomy or environmental horticulture.

Recommendations for Participants

– Choose the courses that will get you what you need to have to get the job or to create the business which meets your dreams! If you are unsure which direction you will need then our team can help you to make the right choices. It is generally accepted that having additional skills and experiences will get you a higher pay scale and allow your advancement in the field of your choice.

– Plan your schedule so you can complete each course on a timely basis.

– Be prepared to spend at least 15 hours per week, per course.

– All courses are delivered online.

Admission Requirements:

– Participants must be 18 prior to enrollment.
– If you are interested in higher level courses with a specific focus, it will be necessary to complete two introductory courses prior to enrollment to ensure success if you cannotu cannot show proof of a degree or diploma in Horticulture, Biology or other related discipline.
– Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that any previous criminal records be assessed for eligibility in the industry prior to taking courses.

Start anytime and Grow Your Future!

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