Orchid Horticulture is a new non-profit corporation and is now available to serve your every need in the world of horticulture and beyond!  We have grown from our more singular focus on education and training to now offer you a greater variety of professional services.  Our team of landscape design experts can help you with every aspect of your landscape, be it commercial or residential or a new install or renovation. Our consulting team can help you with all aspects of your enterprise or working with your community to aid in the development of greater food sovereignty. We work within the nonprofit sector to help you grow the capacity of your organization, to research and apply for grants and to ensure your business continues to grow along with your needs. We also specialize in helping people in their personal and professional lives to learn about and practice horticultural therapy to improve the quality of everyday life!

Landscaping, Property Maintenance

Let our team of landscape design experts help you to create the outdoor living area of your dreams! Our team of educated and skilled experts can build or renovate your new or existing landscape; build you a deck, a fence or any other aspect you dream of!

Problems managing your property’s landscape? Commercial or domestic – we will find you a sustainable solution that works for your budget!

We can build decks, gazebos, garages, sunrooms, solariums and the like!

We can install hardscaping – stone work, patios, walkways, etc; retaining walls; fences!

We can design and install irrigation systems!

We can design/redesign and install all components of your entire yard, no matter the size!

Whether it is a new space, or simply a space new to you, or it just needs your own feel to it, our seasoned and professional landscape design team can create your dream space.

Food Sovereignty

We face challenges in our world today that we have never faced before. The importance of growing food, ending hunger and dealing with climate change has altered everything. Food security is the term given to addressing food and hunger through our current practices, but it is sadly not enough. As people, we have the right to produce culturally appropriate food that is produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods.

If you need help in your community to address the root causes of poor health that is in part due to a diet that needs improvement, please contact us. We can help you to build alternatives that not only improve health but help to address the root causes of hunger. We have worked within Canada with our First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, with groups facing extra challenges, with newcomers to Canada as well as doing outreach work in countries around the world with even more challenges to their quality of life

Interior Spaces

Transform your indoor space to increase the overall well-being of your employees and boost the returns from visiting clientele. By incorporating living green plants into your space, all will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy numerous physical and psychological benefits including:

– Healthier and happier employees that are more productive
– A visually enhanced space and a positive brand image to visitors
– Plants reduce stress levels including lower blood pressure; more attentive personnel and improved productivity
– Office plants clean the air. Modern office buildings can contain up to ten times more pollutants than the air outside and plants improve the air quality by removing harmful pollutants like molds, formaldehyde, dust mites, carbon monoxide and chemical cleaning agents and reduce sick building syndrome.
– Reduced noise levels by changing the acoustics and reverberation time and by the ability of plants to absorb noises which reduce productivity of personnel
– Feeding Biophilia or the innate need humans have for nature and for being part of the cycle of life.

Horticulture Therapy

Horticulture Therapy (HT) is a therapeutic approach to improving the quality of life using horticultural activities and plants. Horticulture Therapy started centuries ago, but it unfortunately is still not a common practice today. HT is unique as it is accessible to everyone with benefits that are physical, mental and social. In a nutshell it improves life with activities in a variety of programs aimed at increasing the cognitive, social, emotional and physical goals for the varied people served.

Our team can design a program that fits your individual needs and budgets. We have worked with special care homes, the elderly, gifted children, those challenged with mental health and to team build in the workplace. There are no barriers with this type of therapy. Please contact us for further information.


Horticulture is the science of cultivating and managing plants and plant systems. With the skill and knowledge to understand both natural and cultivated landscapes. Assessment of current conditions in the landscape combined with problem solving expertise allows recommendations to assure future landscape success. We can help you with many, or any, aspect of plant management.

Landscaping and development:
– Site analysis; evaluation of landscape conditions; performance problems; plant/tree distress diagnoses; biological controls; restoration and revegetation/rejuvenation
– Value and loss appraisals for all components in the landscape including soil, trees, plants and other concerns
– Tree consultation, diagnosis, inventory projects and management plans. Health and structural assessment; pest and disease evaluations; construction planning and monitoring; casualty loss appraisals
– Landscape water management
– Landscape design

Intensive and Specialty plant production:
– Increase your profit margins by ensuring the inputs, techniques and specialized systems you are using are the best choice. From food production or ornamentals we are ready to build your success

Employee training and skill development:
– General training for any aspect of the horticulture industry
– Specialized training for niche industry aspects or positions
– Curriculum development for specific training needs

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations:
– Successful grant research and grant writing to help your organization get the financial support that you need
– Organizational development and capacity building
– Branding and website design
– Board training and professional development

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