Commercial Cannabis Production Program - 9 months
Grow…..and Work in the Cannabis Industry

Our Cannabis programs are custom-designed for the ever-evolving Cannabis industry giving you an edge for short or long-term positions. Successful completion of this professional program will allow you get your credential of completion of the Commercial Cannabis Production Program and allow you to become a leader in the burgeoning and emerging cannabis industry.

If you goal is to advance in this industry, become a leader or to become a Master Grower then you might consider taking all six of our current course offerings. The knowledge gained will help you to understand the industry as a whole and to ensure you are able to advance quickly to the position you desire.  Please note that there is limited time to take advantage of registration in the complete program which could save you over $2500!

Our cannabis programs provides training in the biology and cultural practices of cannabis production including plant nutrition, environment, lighting, climate control, pest control and cultivar selection. The production of cannabis is a highly specialized and regulated process with very strict government regulations. You will learn the myriad of Health Canada regulations that control this industry, and successful completion will give you the necessary training in operational procedures of Licensed Producers (LPs) including: Best Management Practices (BMP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and current industry software for compliance with Health Canada regulations.

Commercial Cannabis Production Program (9 months)

Complete the entire program and get the completion credential of Commercial Cannabis Production! Tie this with the credential of Horticulturist and some experience in the industry and you will be among the most knowledgeable in this industry.
Register for all six courses for a one-time limited offer of $4500 plus GST

CANN 101 Regulations, Industry Control and Financial Management (100 hours – $2500 plus GST)
This course is a large overview of the cannabis industry. It will include the history of cannabis and the history of medical marijuana in Canada. Key points in this class include legalization, regulating bodies, The Cannabis Act and the laws and regulations in regard to growing quality product.

CANN 201 Cannabis Biology and Culture (50 hours – $1250 plus GST)
This course will discuss the history of cannabis and the current climate in Canada. This course will also teach the student the basic biology of the plant, as well as strains and effects

CANN 202 Cannabis Tools and Equipment (30 hours – $750 plus GST)
This course will discuss the tools and equipment for indoor growing, including tools for making production decisions, lights, irrigation, nutrient systems, growing media, container, support structures, monitoring equipment and harvest equipment… essentially everything you would see in a production setting.

CANN 301 Plant Production (30 hours- $750 plus GST)
This is a comprehensive course covering plant nutrition, crop quality and production choices to achieve optimal growth. This will include propagation, vegetative growth, mother plants, flowering induction and growing. This course will also address market trends, production plans, data interpretation, BMPs, SOPs and manufacturing practices and HR considerations.

CANN 302 Operational Procedures (40 hours- $1000 plus GST)
Ensuring consistent management of production is key to success. This course will educate on the importance of pest management in a production facility, regulations surrounding pest management, common pests in cannabis production, common diseases in cannabis production, cultural and environmental challenges in cannabis production, the challenges faced with harvested product and developing integrated pest management strategies.

CANN 401 Harvest and Post-Harvest Strategies and Technologies (30 hours- $750 plus GST)
This course will cover key topics relating to post-harvest production including the harvest, drying and curing of product, post-harvest testing and processing and post-harvest storage.

Admission Requirements:

– Participants must be 18 prior to enrollment.
– There are two introductory courses that must be completed prior to enrollment in the Cannabis Specialty Courses if the participant cannot show proof of a degree or diploma in Horticulture, Biology or other related discipline.
– It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that any previous criminal records be assessed for eligibility in the industry prior to taking courses.

Recommendations for Participants

– Plan on completing one course per month as each course is equivalent to a standard course in a full-time diploma or degree program.Be prepared to spend at least 15 hours per week, per course.
– All courses are delivered online.
– Once you have registered and paid your fees all materials associated with the course will be available to you.

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