To be the recognized horticulturist educator and to lead evolutionary change in the industry.


To satisfy industry needs through relevant education and training and to grow the horticultural industry sustainably.


Accessible programs and services • Industry relevance and responsiveness that delivers industry capacity and sustainability of service • Operational efficiency and flexibility • Cost effective programs and services • Quality training

Lead Horticulturist: Patricia Hanbidge

Patricia Hanbidge is an experienced and respected Horticulturalist with over two decades in the industry as an educator, published writer, and consultant. She brings experience from the end of a spade to world-wide outreach activities; upper-level university course delivery and development to business consulting. As a founder, Patricia developed the original curriculum to fit what was needed in the industry to secure employment and meet the consumer and industry needs with real-world training for a career in horticulture. For over fifteen years this horticulturist developed curriculum is a blend of the academic and the practical has continuously been updated by a variety of subject matter experts to reflect ongoing evolution in the industry.

Manager of Operations: Heather Richardson

Heather Richardson’s career in horticulture has been ingrained throughout her entire life – learning skills at the end of a spade as a youth, and moving through her life and education contributing to increasing her skills and knowledge in the industry. With an avid love and care for all things nature, her background of soils and environmental studies, and involvement in conservation have given her a unique skill set and outlook to horticulture training and application.


“After a Bachelor of Science and working for 30 years in retail, I decided to follow my love of plants. Although my knowledge of horticulture was limited, the courses covered a broad scope of the horticultural industry in a two year time. Personally, I loved it all and the educational experience broadened my life experience, made lasting friendships and my start in the horticultural industry was attainable.”
Graduate and Horticulturist – Judi W.

“Our farm has been involved with Orchid Horticulture for many years and we have the utmost respect for them and their level of knowledge is unsurpassed. We have had the opportunity to hire students who were educated her and they have brought a wealth of knowledge to our business.”
Industry Professional – Pat & Joanne H.

“The education gained at this school is top-notch and is gauged to suit the needs of the industry and employers in the industry to fulfill a huge need for skilled and knowledgeable folks that can hit the ground running. There is a strong push for inclusivity while still maintaining individuality of students and the varied experiences and outlooks they bring to the classroom. This training institution is a vital part of keeping skilled and knowledgeable folks here in the province and increasing the level of skills and knowledge available to the industry as entrepreneurs or as valuable additions to employers in the industry.”
Industry Professional – Tyler M.

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