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Non-profit or Charity?

Does your nonprofit or charitable organization need:

– Grant money by researching and applying for grants on behalf of your organization
– Capacity building
– Branding
– Website development

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biological fly control

NOW AVAILABLE! Biological Fly Control

Safe for Humans, plants and pets, but deadly to Flies!

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greenhouse worker program

Join us!

The Prairie Master Gardener classes are open to everyone…YES, everyone.

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distance learning horticulture course

Distance Learning Horticulture Courses

All of our horticulture education courses are offered online through secure portals.

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orchid horticulture school

Interior Spaces - Commercial Services

Add living green plants for commercial spaces and boost returns and well-being of customers and employees.

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landscaping services saskatoon

Landscaping Services - Commercial Services

Landscape Design, Landscaping Installations and Property Management. Hire experts that have both education and experience to ensure your work is done to the highest standards!

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Orchid Horticulture

This new non-profit corporation is now available to serve your every need in the world of horticulture education.  We have grown from our focus on education and training to now offer you more professional services. From consulting and help with all aspects of your enterprise to ensuring our world is developing more food sovereignty to improving the quality of everyday life with horticultural therapy.

We are a group of educated, highly skilled and experienced people active in the horticulture industry, who love the work they do, and are available for contract of a number of horticulture needs through our Commercial Services division. We also want to share our knowledge and expertise to grow the availability of dependable, knowledgeable personnel in the industry, and bring horticulturists into the realm of recognized trades persons.

With today’s trends, the evolving horticultural industry is lacking industry professionals, qualified employees and all levels of management staff. Due to this void, the idea of creating an evolutionary learning environment which would benefit people from all over the world was born! Thus, Orchid Horticulture was germinated and continues to grow!

Not only does Orchid Horticulture offer trained, experienced personnel to fulfill your needs for many aspects of the industry, but also offers exciting programs designed to give graduates the opportunity to study at their pace to master the skills required by the industry; work in a field they are passionate about and take pride in their new career. There is no better feeling that looking forward to going to work, and loving what you accomplish each day! As an employer, you can be assured that your needs are met by the training provided to your staff, or future hires!

Horticulture education is a continuously evolving environment with endless opportunities for employment or the possibility of setting up your own entrepreneurial business. Opportunities for trained and skilled individuals in the horticulture industry cover a wide swath so you can choose the type of job you will do from a variety of opportunities after graduation. Get involved in the golf course industry; parks and open spaces; field production; controlled environment production; horticulture therapy; environmental stewardship; landscaping; consulting; agronomy and the ever-evolving cannabis sector.

Grow YOUR Future!

An Orchid Horticulture education can prepare you for several careers in horticulture such as: Landscape Designer, Golf Course Manager, Garden Centre Supervisor, Nursery Production Manager, Landscape Construction Foreman, Greenhouse Technician, Parks & Recreation Supervisor, Landscape Maintenance Manager, Floral Designer and more.

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